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well, today was my 19th birthday. it was kind of interesting. it started out like any other Sunday does. but then at about noon, nick, charlotta and mark came by. they kidnapped me and took me for ice cream. that was so cool of them. nick gave me roses, and a big hug and kiss. that is exactly what i wanted for my birthday from him. last night was cool too. nick, charlotta, and mark took me to dinner, and then charlotta gave me some seat cover thingys from my car. they are really nice. i thought it was sweet that she even got me something for my birthday. anyways, then today, when i got back we went to see my grandma. she gave me some cloths as usual and 50 dollars, which is really sweet of her. and my parents gave me a movie. i guess the rest of my birthday celebration is going to be in a few weeks, when my brother comes home. whatever, i really don't care one way or the other.

anyways, everything is great at the moment. school is sucky, but i am doing suprisingly well. i am so much happier at MJC. i feel like i fit in. and even though none of my friends are in my classes, i still feel more comfortable. nick and i are doing just great. i just feel so terribly content right now. everything is going my way for once in my life. oh yea, and i got two kittys in my garage. they are so cute, and my dad is letting me keep them as long as they stay in the garage, not the house. anyways, i have a little more homework to do before bed and i am kind of tired. so, i hope everyone else is doing good.

oh yea i forgot. i really do hate Bon Jovi, but for some reason i have this song stuck in my head, and actually it is not a bad song. the newer Bon Jovi stuff is shit, but this older song is better, at least i think so. try it if you like, you may enjoy it too. well, farewell everyone.
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