DrkAngel (drk_angel) wrote,

i don't really feel like updating right now but i am going to anyways. i started school and i hate half of the week. tuesdays and thursdays i don't have class until 1 so i have to do nothing until then and i don't get to see nick very much those days either. it really blows a big one. i was looking to change it around, but it is already to late. oh well, it is only for the rest of the semester.

other than that i am pissed cuz my dad is trying to make me work on friday, which is my homework day. and now he wants me to work after class on wednesday. damnit! at least my mom understands that school needs to come first. and guess what dad, i have my own life, and its not the ranch so back off a little bit.

nick and i are good. it kinda sux cuz i don't get to see him as much, but we are dealing with it. and next week is our 10 month anniversary. YAY! for us. so i guess that is all. i have some homework to do before i go to class. hope everyone else is well. oh, and:

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