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well, these last couple of days have been pretty normal. yesterday sam and i got to hang out and we went to the mall. it was good to see some of my friends again. it has been a while and well i think i needed the company of some friends that are girls. i mean i enjoy nicks company soo very much, but it is nice to hang out with girls. today was a boring day. i went over to nicks house only to find him sleepy. he slept all day. i don't blame him cuz he didn't really sleep last night. so i just watched tv there all day. then i came home and worked a little bit. i got stung by a bee i think...i dunno for sure. so yeah, here i am.

there is one thing that is really important i think i should say. my grandma has an anurism in a blood vessel going to her heart. it is still really small, but i have still heard stories about how a lady just stood up and she fell over dead cuz the anurism thingy weakened and ruptured or something like that. so i am kinda scared for my grandma. i love her and everything and she needs to have a surgery. but i think she is going to refuse to have it. it is not to the point where it is mandatory.

i also got a call from one of my friends. she said that josh got into a car accident and is in the hospital once again. this time she is not trying to make me go and see him. but i know that his mother is going to call and try to make me go. but the truth is that he is a part of my life that is over. there is nothing left but pain waiting for me if i go see him. so, yea, i dunno what i am going to do. i promised nick i wouldn't go see him but i need to talk to nick about this situation tomorrow. he is sleeping at this moment. anyways, that is all that i need to say right now i suppose. i hope everyone else is doing well.
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