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well, this last week has been a very interesting one. i had to work wednesday and today. it really sucked. why is it that whenever my dad needs me to work it gets soo hot. i swear i am still getting over heat exhaustion. anyways, i was supposed to get a car today...a better one...but i guess the car that was supposed to be there wasn't so my dad didn't buy anything. i was gonna get a 2001 chevy trailblazer. oh well, at least my dad is knowing i need a better car and so he is trying to find me a better one. i am kinda sad about that, but not really. i am sitting here at nick's house, without nick. he went to amptguard, which i think is a good thing. but now i am sitting here and i dunno what to do. i kinda miss him. i walked into his room after he left and i just looked around and i felt soo sad i almost wanted to cry. i dunno why but i did. it is not like i didn't want him to go or that i will prevent him from going ever, it is just i felt sad...i can't explain it. then i started to watch braveheart, but it was the part where he marries and then his wife is murdered. that just made it worse. well, i am gonna go watch that some more i think, in hopes my love shall return soon. i hope everyone is well.
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