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well, i am trying to update again. last time i did this the computer didn't connect and i lost the whole entry. anyways, things are going really well here. yesterday was mine and nick's three month anniversary. this shows that we are doing pretty well. what really sucked was last weekend was valentines day and we both were sick and we couldn't do anything to celebrate. so yea, i don't think i have had a truely good valentines day in my entire history, but oh well it is just another day that card companies use to make money, right. oh another perk that i found is that i am going to be 18 in a few weeks, so YAY to me. then i can buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, i can call and order in to those infomercial thingys and i can rent a hotel room.sounds like a plan: i'll become a chainsmoker/gambler who watches infomercials all night and rents hotel rooms just for the hell of it. i hope everyone else is doing pretty well. i am gonna go cuz i have some stuff to do still before life becomes complicated and i have to make contact with other humans...
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