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today is a very special day for me. nick and i are celebrating our 9 month anniversary. i am just soo happy. i never thought in my entire life i would find someone as great as nick. and i never thought i would be this happy either. we have so much fun together, just hanging out and talking and stuff. sometimes i worry that this is all too good to be true and soon he will end it all. but i have decided not to fear the future, but rather live in the now and enjoy what i have while i have it. i think that we are going to go to the movies tonight. i dunno for sure though because i haven't been feeling very good and so i usually don't feel like interacting with lots of people. like at the mall or stuff like that.

like many of my friends i start school on the 2nd, which is only a week or so away. i am actually starting to look forward to it.

my gma had her heart surgery yesterday. i guess she was feeling sick for a little bit but then they gave her something and she felt better. now she is doing really well. i am soo glad that everything went ok. i know that she must be feeling soo much relief right now. she was really nervous before.

so umm...i guess that is all for the moment. i hope everyone is well out there. see you later.
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