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well, i am finally going to update. yea, i know it has been a while, but i just have not been in the mood to write or update. i am not really in the mood right now, but there is nothing for me to do here.

everything is going as well as can be expected. i am starting to get nervous about school kinda. not because it is college and new, but because right now i don't have a car that will got me there and back safely. i am sure that the mojo mobile will make it, but i don't know for how long. plus it is going uphill half of the time on a major highway. i am looking but so far nothing that meets the price range i am in.

nick and i are great. i am really gonna miss him when school starts. for me i won't be able to see him on tuesdays and thursdays because i am gonna have late classes. oh well, i am sure everything will turn out just fine.

my brother and his girlfriend ann are sposed to be here tonight...pretty soon in fact. and they are gonna be here till thursday. YAY! not.

ummm...nothing else to say right now i guess, but i will try to update more often. and nick if you read this...i love you soo very much.
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