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it is only 630 on a friday night and i am already depressed. this is going to be a weekend from hell. nick is at this thing where they re-enact the civil war. he left today at lunch and he will not be back until sunday night. i can go watch the re-enactment, but it is still not the same...you know? and to top being alone this weekend, tomorrow is our 4 month anniversary. i know that it doesn't seem important, but it is important to me. this has been my longest relationship and i hope it lasts much longer. 4 months and we don't even get to go out to dinner or anything together. we have yet to have a really good anniversary. it seems that something always goes wring and something comes up that kinda makes it suck. one of them has to be perfect or i am gonna scream. i feel like crying right now. i feel soo alone...i know this whole thing is important to him so that is why i am supporting this. i had to promise i would not go see josh this weekend. and right now i kinda regret it. he is mean but he also can be there for you and give you a hug when you really need one. and i really need one right now......goodbye all.....
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