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today was a long and trying day. i got up and had breakfast for the first time in a few months. i got strawberries!! yay, my favorite. anyways, i went to go and see josh today. we were ok for a while. we talked and you know shot the bullshit and all that. then he asked me why i didn't come see him while he was in the hospital and i told him the truth. that i want and need him out of my life forever. he grabbed my arm and he was gonna hit me. i could just tell from his face. but instead of backing down i did something he never expected. i hit him. i punched him right in the face. it felt soo good to do that. i got away without much pain being inflicted on myself. i mean he kinda hurt my arm when he grabbed me and my hand hurts from hitting him. other than that no real big injuries, just the same ones. then i came home and read for the rest of the afternoon till i called nick and we talked for a while. that was the best part of my day. this weekend has been kinda sucky. it was my birthday on friday and my parents decided to postpone celebrating it until my brother came home next weekend. the good thing was that i spent the weekend with nick, the bad thing is this makes me feel like the universe revolves around my brother. well life goes on. oh yea, nick is letting me wear his metallica necklace. it is not mine, i am just keeping it for him and whenever he wants it back he can have it. but until then i am gonna treasure it with all my heart. i feel important and i am honored to wear it. he has no idea how much it means to me. i miss him soo much right now. i didn't get to see him today...*sigh* oh well, tomorrow i will see him and then i will feel better. i guess i am gonna go. i promised nick i would try to sleep. bye everyone. i hope you are all doing well...
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